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Policy on non-distribution of Caterpillars

Douglas-Michel Butterfly Plants is in the business of selling plants and seeds that attract butterflies, especially Monarchs. We are not in the business of selling or otherwise providing monarch eggs or caterpillars. Many people ask us for caterpillars; however, that is not our business. To purchase caterpillars or adult butterflies contact the Butterfly Breeders Association They can refer you to those specialty businesses. Check our links page for local resources.

We make every effort to provide plants that are caterpillar and egg-free, but that is not always possible. On occasion, however, a Douglas-Michel milkweed plant will have an egg or a caterpillar on it and we will sell that plant to local customers at no additional cost.

OUR STRONGEST RECOMMENDATION, is that you engage in the process of developing a garden that will attract butterflies. Our aim is for customers to purchase and plant pesticide free milkweed and create Monarch butterfly gardens, that create an atmosphere suitable for Monarch egg laying. That is our hope.!!!!

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